Monday, 3 December 2012


I wonder if we've seen the last of mild sunny weather now? It was a really wintry day today with mist coming in over the sea, after first light, enveloping the mountain side briefly, bringing rain, and gusts of wind, overturning the tables on the terrace and making the trees thrash wildly. The turbulence was interspersed however with sunshine and a magnificent rainbow touching land at the end of the bay in the direction of Monte Scuderi to the north against a background of dark storm clouds. 

I made a couple of brisk excursions to get fruit and veg, but it wasn't a day for sightseeing or exploring further, but for sheltering, and going inward. So, I spent most of the day quietly at home thinking and writing. I've started posting a series of Advent reflections in a separate blog, giving myself a a five hundred word daily limit to concentrate the mind. A crazy idea maybe, brewing for a while. You'll find it here.

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