Thursday, 20 December 2012

Welcome gift

Clare's EasyJet flight set off half an hour late and arrived only ten minutes late, although it took half an hour to get from plane to the arrival hall. It was an hours and a half until the next and last bus to Taormina, so we had a drink and a bite to eat in the arrival hall, next to the bus departure area just outside, while we waited.

We arrived at St George's at twenty past nine, had supper and then took an introductory passegaiatina the length of the Corso, almost deserted, before bed. We repeated the walk after breakfast to introduce Clare to the shops and show her Mount Etna from piazza St Agostino on one of the best days so far.

After lunch, we walked down the steps to the beach which contains Isola Bella. We walked as far as we could along the pebbles, and then went up and along the SS114 main road to check out the Hotel Isola Bella where Kath Anto and Rhiannon will stay when they arrive on Boxing Day. We noted a couple of bus stops outside, and it may be possible for them to catch the free shuttle bus up the hill from there, once they tire of the half hour walk up to St George's. At the moment they plan to make this part of their substitute for an hour at the gym. It's a challenging climb. This time my kneecaps weren't nearly as painfully distressed by the exercise as they were when I climbed a couple of weeks ago.

While we were out one of the sisters from the Convent called with a basket of the finest oranges and lemons from their wonderful garden as a welcome gift. There was also a Christmas present, a litrgical desk diary with comments on the daily Mass readings, prayer and inspirational quotes for each page per day. What alovely thought! I can work on improving my Italian all year round! We went to Vespers and adoration together at the Convent, so that I could introduce Clare and say thank you for their kindness.

Such lovely and inspiring friends and companions in prayer to have made!

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