Wednesday, 28 November 2012

A winter assignment

I woke up at five, ahead of my alarm clock, got up, breakfasted, and being in good time, I walked to the bus station lugging my case. It took me exactly half an hour and I was twenty minutes early for my six thirty bus. This got me to London ten minutes early, and I met my sister June at Victoria Station at the time the bus was due to arrive. She accompanied me on the forty minute journey to Gatwick North Terminal where we had time for a coffe and croissant before we parted company.

I'm flying EasyJet to Palermo, and from there I will travel to Taormina to stay until New Year to serve there as locum Pastor to St George's Anglican Church congregation during the season of Advent and for the first eight days of Christmastide. 

The departure lounge is crowded with people carrying far too much cabin baggage, and the staff are appealing over the tannoy to laden passengers to relinquish additional bags to the hold, at no supplementary cost. So, a little Italian craziness has penetrated one little corner of this sceptred isle.

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